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3 Modern Home Landscape Design Ideas

In order to build the landscape of your dreams, you need to envision a landscape that is functional as much as it is beautiful. All the green space you need, plus concrete retaining walls and pathways to take you to a view of the future or back in time. These modern landscaping ideas are down-to-earth, user-friendly and allow you to unite multiple design elements into one space.

1. Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls do so much more than simple create a grade on a certain area of your property. With retaining walls, you can build a tiered garden, provide more space for growing vegetables and herbs, or simply design an interesting focal point for your yard. Start with your limitations for the space. Is it nearly vertical, or do you have a slow grade? This will help you to determine what kinds of options you have available.
For example, concrete allows a professional landscape designer to build a vertical garden wall. Concrete blocks create gaps in the wall, where you could place different species of plants and flowers. If you long for a smooth appearance, simple concrete panels provide the support for a second level in the landscape. Build a wildflower garden, or plant a tree and settle a bench underneath it to offer a space for quiet reflection.

2. Concrete Pathways

The creation of a cohesive place requires home landscape design ideas that bring all elements together. You may find that pathways serve a purpose greater than simply to get you from one end of your yard to another.
Take a standard garden. When you want to remove weeds or add new plants, you often have to slip through the flowers or vegetable plants, hoping that you will not squash one accidentally. Instead, you could have a raised-bed garden with several small beds separated by concrete walkways.
Keep this idea in mind when you consider installing a water feature in your backyard. Swimming pools or koi ponds need to have a separation between the green features of the yard and the water. Concrete walkways provide excellent access points, and you can arrange them in many different styles, from a geometric pattern to a design mimicking an English cottage garden.

3. Home Landscape Design Ideas for Contrasting Materials

There are two different ways to present a design contrast in your yard. You can either do it by accident and hope that everything turns out well, or you can build it deliberately. Consider your use of gravel and grass. Although some people prefer to eliminate grass from their yards in favor of plants and landscaping features that require less maintenance, there are still benefits to a simple green space. Create a design that is arresting to the eye by selecting colors of gravel that are complimentary to the grass, but also quite different. If you want the end result to appear very neat and tidy, select gravel that is smaller and uniform in size. For something that feels a bit more natural, mix gravel of different sizes and colors with natural stone.
These days, concrete is more than simply paved stones beneath your feet. It generates a feeling of unity between zones in your yard that might otherwise look detached or confusing. With these three landscaping ideas for your home, you can link the various elements of your yard into one excellent design. Contact our team at Blooming Desert, we look forward to helping you get started on your project!