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Bob & Diane P

We wanted to take time to write a review of Blooming Desert and share our experience with their pool and landscape divisions.  After much thought and hesitation we decided we wanted to totally change our back yard.  We decided we wanted a pool with attached spa, but more importantly we wanted a total back yard redesign that would provide us with a resort style experience in our own back yard.

After getting several bids it became clear that there were very few pool builders that had the expertise in landscape to provide a complete package.  We wanted someone to help us with a comprehensive design that specified plants, decking, pool and spa all laid out in a unique design.

Our first experience with Blooming Desert was with Matt Manning our designer and landscape architect.  We can’t say enough about how great Matt was.  He came to our home and really listened to what we wanted.  He took exact measurements so his design would be specific and accurate.  When we met with Matt to see his presentation we were so pleased and excited with what Matt had designed.  Matt had provided exactly what we had in mind, but didn’t know how to bring to life.  With very few tweaks we were on board for the construction phase of our project.  We have to say that Matt was always there for us and we could rely on him to help at every turn.  Even when things were not specifically his responsibility Matt was there.  Without his help we would not have had as positive an experience.

Moving into the construction phase we were amazed at how quickly the men from the pool division started making the major modifications to our yard.  There was so much demolition to be done; the removal of a large cement patio, the removal of 3 large trees, the removal of several large landscape mounds and crushed granite, and a general revealing of the grade of the yard to provide proper drainage.  The team of Salvador and Elijah did an amazing job and were so nice and easy to work with.  They corrected some old work done by others and made sure everything was ready for the pool excavation.

Before excavation Pete Renslow and Dan Tryon our pool project managers made sure the pool layout was accurate and to our liking.  We are so appreciative to both of them for all they did during the pool construction.  We were able to make a small adjustment to the curve of one of the pool walls and they were always there during the process to answer all our questions.  Our many thanks go to Pete and Dan.

We want to thank Joe Marks and his team from the landscape division that finalized much of what ended up making our backyard a true paradise.  The landscape men had an amazing amount of work to do.  They completed all the decking, fire pit, pool wall, plantings, irrigation and landscape rock in an unbelievable short time.  It couldn’t have been done without Felix the foreman of the construction crew.  Without Felix the attention to detail and the final touches that made everything work would have never been done.  We are very particular and Felix was always patient and kind making sure everything was done to our satisfaction.  We can’t say enough about how helpful he was.

With any construction project of this size there are bound to be issues along the way.  This was true with our project, but the thing that was always true was that the people at Blooming Desert always had our back.  They are extremely interested in making sure you will be happy.  Even after the project is complete they are involved in helping you learn how to maintain your pool.  Brian follows up with you for weeks after making sure you know as much as you can about your pool system.

Once again our thanks to all the people at Blooming Desert that made our back yard a success.