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Make Your Outdoor Living Space Flow: Why You Should Choose an Experienced Pool Design-Build Company

There are certain things you would never do when it comes to the layout of your home. You would never place a dining room table in the middle of a walk-in closet, and you would never place a dishwasher in the family room. You’d never place outlets away from countertops in the kitchen where appliances couldn’t reach, and you’d never place lighting fixtures in dangerous spots, or away from areas where you couldn’t turn them on.
Naturally, the flow of your home encompasses many considerations. The way your home is designed and is organized depends on the needs of you and your family; if you entertain, if you have guests, if you spend a lot of time in certain areas and of course, how those areas are used. As you build your home and make it the important space that it is, you take these things into great consideration. The way your home flows impacts how you and your family live in it.
The same principle applies to your pool and outdoor living space. Especially within large properties, the location of your pool and surrounding features plays an important part in how your exterior space flows, feels and functions. If you have a large desert backyard, and the pool is placed in the corner without regard to how the open space between it and the house functions, you have a waste of space that also does not fit into the design and flow of your home.

The benefits of custom pool and landscape design

An experienced pool design-build company will make sure there is no waste of space to  your pool and the surrounding outdoor living area. This is where a lot of direct, honest and early communication comes in. In the beginning, it is essential that your pool design-build professionals understand how you will be using the space outside, what you need from the space outside and what types of activities will be happening there. If you plan on entertaining often, for example, your outdoor space will need to have movement, areas for milling about, spots for eating and drinking or preparing food. If a barbecue is a part of the design process, be sure to describe what would best fit your needs.
Children are, of course, one of the most important things to consider when discussing the placement of a pool or water feature in your yard. Your space needs to be family-appropriate and ready for fun summer evenings in the water. If you are a grandparent who only has children over some of the time, perhaps you just need a smaller pool, or a pool placed in an area away from the patio. Obviously, the use of your pool makes an important difference on where it is placed in your backyard.

Property concerns

Many properties have beautiful views of the surrounding desert landscape. The design of your home’s exterior space should take this into consideration. Perhaps an infinity pool can be installed in such a way that swimmers can see out above the landscape as they enjoy a dip in the water. Perhaps you live on a secluded property that’s surrounded by foliage and wildlife, and you want to retain this feeling in your backyard space. Solid, strong rock formations, water features and landscaping can make your pool into a serene oasis, allowing your outdoor living space to be welcoming, comfortable and even a little adventurous.
If you plan on consistently entertaining, you want to ensure that there is a space in your outdoor living area for people to enjoy beverages and chatting. Are those spaces modern or traditional? Would the needs of your guests be better met with romantic latticework or comfortable swings? Consider an outdoor bar, or a modern fireplace that can light and warm the night as the stars go down. Naturally, it depends on how your outdoor space will be used most often, and how each element can fit and enhance your lifestyle.

Pool Design

When considering the size of your pool, it’s important to think of what types of space you will need around it. A large quality pool, for example, will require ample space within your backyard; make sure there is space around the pool for people to walk about comfortably and jump in if they wish. If the look of your space requires ample foliage and lush landscaping, you want to discuss with your pool and landscape design professional that this look is important to you, and that the pool cannot be so close to any fencing or trees that there is not enough room for this foliage to thrive.
In the beginning of a project, combining the expertise of a landscape designer with that of a pool designer is essential to ensuring your space accurately conforms to the needs and desires of your home. Designers will consider what technical elements and pool excavation processes need to occur in order for the look to be completed successfully. The end result is an outdoor living space that allows you and your family to live your life freely. You want your Arizona pool builders to know what your needs are and to work with design experts. To view a few beautiful custom pool projects, visit our Phoenix landscape design gallery or give us a call to discuss what ideas you may have for your home.