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Choosing the Right Materials for Building a Deck Around a Pool

A pool deck adds safety and style to your swimming pool. But the material matters. Before you build a pool deck, you need to choose the best building material for your situation. There are several different pool decking materials you can choose.

Your Pool Deck Options

Which type of decking material is right for your pool? Here is a simple guide:

Economy decking. Do you want a good looking deck which fits within a small budget? Concrete decking is a cheap, yet durable option which still looks good. You can modify a concrete deck by creating patterns or using a stamp to create a unique design. The cost is low.
Slip-resistant decking. A textured material is more slip resistant than smooth tiles or painted wood. For extra slip resistance, try a purpose-made spray which you can apply over your existing pool’s deck. This will add a non-slip texture to keep everyone safer. Depending on the type of slip-resistant decking you choose, the prices range from low to medium.
Heat reflectivity decking. No one likes walking on a hot deck. Heat reflective decking helps protect the feet of you and your guests. Spray-on products such as Keystone Kool Deck can help reduce the temperature of your decking material. The cost can range from low to high, depending on the material.
Stone decking. There is a wide range of stones which make good decking material. Larger pavers are easy to install. You can use smaller stones to create stunning patterns. Lighter-colored stones are better at reflecting the heat of the sun. The cost to install stone decking is very expensive.
Wood decking. Wood decking works well with modern homes and comes in many colors to match any decor. Wood has some non-slip protection and is a cooler option than some types of materials. The downside of a wood pool deck is the large amount of maintenance which these decks require. Costs for wood decks can range from moderate to expensive, depending on the type of the wood.
Brick decking. Brick decking works well when bricks blend naturally with the style of the rest of the home. Bricks are durable and offer some anti-slip protection, but they can heat up quickly. The cost of building a brick pool deck medium to expensive depending on the type of brick and the style.
Rubber decking. Rubber swimming pool decks are rare, but offer a much softer and easier-to-clean decking surface than other opinions. But, there are several downsides to a rubber deck. When a rubber deck gets wet, it can become exceedingly slippery, but you can add a non-slip surface. Rubber can also quickly heat up and retain heat. Rubber decking costs are moderate compared with other decking options.

Which Material is Best For You?

When you are choosing the best material for your pool deck, take into consideration whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground, the existing architecture of your home, your budget, and how much time and maintenance you want to spend every year, in addition to how long the deck will last.
You will also want to think about whether you want to extend your deck to allow space for other activities like outdoor grilling or sunbathing. Whatever you do, don’t rush into choosing a deck without learning about all of the options you have available to you.
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