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Mesa Desert Highlands


Front and Back Yard Elevation Changes, Mesa Highlands Landscape Requirements, Drainage, Design to Views of City Lights, Create Distinct Spaces with Seamless Transitions


Pool, Spa, Natural Boulder Waterfall, Linear Pavers, Exposed Aggregate Concrete Decking, Travertine Pavers, Outdoor Kitchen, Slab Travertine Counter, Glass Tile, Saguaro Cactus, Outdoor Lighting, Fire Pit, Pottery

This property rests in the northeast corner of Mesa in the Desert Highlands zoning area.  The property sits approximately 600′ above the valley floor and offers exquisite views of the valley below.  The community is designed to respect the natural space in which is resides.  Because of this, the individual properties are surrounded by natural desert arroyos.  The intention of this design was to create a functional areas for gathering, entertaining and playing in the back yard.  The front yard was intended to catch your eye and draw you into the home.  All of this was done keeping in mind that the landscape was merely an extension of the home, the family, and community. 

The design is laid out in a natural meandering style.  This allows the pool, raised-spa and water feature to take on a natural lagoon-type feel.  The big sweeping movements in the lines create interesting pockets that for natural plant groupings.  These also help separate the many distinct entertainment zones within the back yard.  The neutral tones of the decking and rock play into the surrounding desert well while the burst of blue from the pottery, laminar jets and pool pique your interest as they play into our big brilliant sky.  

Balance was key in laying out this space.  The planting zone in the center stands as a hub around which the other major components (pool/spa, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio) all spoke off of.  This follows through with balancing out the lighting within the space as well.  

Linear pavers are used in a broken pattern to create an informal meandering path to the front entry.  This is designed to gently flow between subtle contouring and boulder work that lead to natural plant groupings. 

The outdoor kitchen and fire pits are veneered with this dynamic neutral 1×1 glass tile.  The counter is a complementary slab travertine.  It is designed to seat up to 7 people between the raised circular table and cantilever bar counter.  Subtle touches like facing the grill into the yard ensure that the chef is never turned away from the group.