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Parkside in Fulton Ranch

PROJECT NAME: Camellia Drive
LOCATION: Chandler

Small Back Yard, Triangularly Shaped Yard, Limited Access, Soften Transitions, Add Color, Create Depth


Pool, Spa, Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace, Pergola, Natural Stone Veneering, Pottery, Travertine Paver Decking, Artificial Lawn, Iron Trellises, Vibrant Xeriscape

The Camellia Drive project is located in the Fulton Ranch area of South Chandler.  This particular community utilizes smaller lot sizes and places the emphasis on large green belts and parks.  This lot is triangular in shape and has very limited access.  We worked with this client to create a space that was fully functional for their family.  They were looking for heavy textures and vibrant colors against the largely neutral tones of the home and perimeter walls.  

Blue pottery, bougainvillea, Dallas red lantana, and artificial turf burst forth with vibrant colors.  Heavy textures from boulders, natural stone veneer and totem pole cactus balance out the saturation of color.  

Blue glazed pottery in varying shapes, sizes and textures are enhanced further by layering in Euphorbia Firesticks, Elephant’s Food, Totem Pole Cactus, Aloe Ferox and Aloe Striata.  Using Elephant’s Food and Wedelia to drape over the sides of the pots helps to create a sense of movement that softens the transitions.  

Because of the limited deck space, it was necessary to run the travertine paver decking to the house.  Normally, a foundation layer of plantings would be used.  However, in this case we opted to use pottery to frame the windows and smooth out the transitions at the corners of the home.

The patio, pergola and pool entry all flow together as one contiguous space.  This allows the homeowners to move furniture around depending on usage to most effectively utilize the limited space.  Lighter travertine pavers contrast well against the rich tones of the pergola and stone veneering, while a 1×1 varied blue porcelain tile is used on the pool and spa to repeat the vivid pottery colors.