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Hardscape Backyard Seating Ideas

A hardscape backyard feature can bring instant interest and beauty to your yard, it can also create an alternate seating and entertaining area if you stage it right. The key is knowing what pieces you need, what arrangement you want, and how to perfectly configure your space to make the most of the hardscape backyard that you and your landscape designer have created. There are a few different ways you can style a hardscape backyard, and each is better than the last.

4 Hardscape Backyard Seating Ideas

1. Bring the Indoors Out

Everyone loves that big cushy lounge chair and their stylish end tables, why not bring the lounge style to your hardscape? Though bringing out an entire living room suit may not be feasible, you can add soft lounge chairs, end tables, and even coffee tables to give the feel of an indoor lounge in an outdoor setting. There are tons of great brands that are doing just that by creating lounge like seating that is made of materials that can withstand the weather and that can still look great even after months out of doors. Create a cozy space by adding carpets, pillows, ottomans, and other lounge elements.

2. Add Texture

Nothing is more boring than a hardscape that has no character. Try adding pillows that have textures that are interesting. Burlap, hemp, silk, rattan, and rope are all great materials that can add interest to the most boring outdoor seat you can imagine. Adding textured pillows is an inexpensive way to dress up old or not so special outdoor furniture and make it new again. This is also a great way to give life to furniture that you already own that just needs a little TLC. You can change out pillows with the season and not break the bank making it like you have a new suit of outdoor furniture every few months.

3. Outdoor Formal Dining

Ever wonder what it would be like to have thanksgiving dinner or that special birthday party outside? Adding a formal dining space outside is a great way to utilize your hardscape. You can add a full table and chairs as well as things like lanterns and special lighting to help make an interesting space that is both formal and beautiful. Outdoor formal dining is a great way to use your space and if you live in a climate that is a bit more forgiving, you can use it all year round for a great space. Formal outdoor dining is also perfect for those that need overflow space while throwing parties.

4. Mix and Match

Have a few pieces that are not from the same line or that same suit? Don’t worry. Mix and matching styles is cool, eclectic, and less expensive than trying to be matchy-matchy. Using furniture that is found at places like thrift stores and consignment shops can help save money and can also help you to have a trendy area outside that does not look so staged. Just like adding mix and match touches inside your home gives it a lived-in look, so does this style outside. This is also perfect for those homeowners that have a hard time deciding on what style they like best. You can fit tons of great pieces that may not all match and get a fun and funky look.
All these tips are great ways to style your hardscapes. If you are having trouble deciding on a style, simply aren’t finding the pieces you want, or you just have no idea how to set up your hardscape, you can always contact a landscape designer such as Blooming Desert. We can do so much more than just laying out shrub beds and placing rocks. Blooming Desert can help you find the right pieces and can help you place them in your hardscape, or build one for you if you do not already have one, and can help you make the most of the space that you have.