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The Difference Between Pergolas, Ramadas, and Gazebos

Modern homeowners want to utilize all corners of their property productively because they understand the value of space. They don’t simply build lawns and gardens on their backyard, but also add patios, outdoor kitchens, or install shade structures like pergolas, ramadas, and gazebos. Most people use these terms interchangeably, but there are several distinct architectural differences between these structures. If you’re caught in the pergolas vs. ramadas vs. gazebos debate, and can’t decide which one will work best for you; consider the points mentioned below.

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are typically found in gardens and lawns. They often form a shaded walkway or an outdoor lounge area and have cross beams—in a variety of patterns—on the roof. Pergolas have become popular in recent years because their design fits in with modern preferences and tastes. These structures can be quite minimalist and easily to maintain.

What is a Ramada?

A ramada is rectangular or square in shape and has a solid closed roof on top. Unlike the pergola, a ramada will shield you completely from the elements and provide shade and protection from dust, wind, and rain. This structure is often built over outdoor kitchens to protect the appliances from rain and other factors that can damage them. If you intend to install an outdoor kitchen on your property, you can invest in a ramada as well.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo also provides shelter and has a solid roof like the ramada. However, it’s often circular or octagonal in shape. This design has been around for several centuries now and you can find these structures old properties all over the world. Gazebos outdoor design concepts are built on a more traditional architecture and require a little more space compared to pergolas.

Choosing the Right One For You

Pergolas, ramadas, and gazebos serve different purposes so you should choose a structure that fits in with your requirements. Before you shop for these structures, ask yourself if you want full protection from the weather or partial shade. If you want full protection, pergolas might not be the best option for you. They have an open roof with a grid of wooden beams at the top. They provide some shade but not enough for you to lounge comfortably underneath them on very sunny days. Other factors you need to consider include: Space – Pergolas are ideal for smaller backyards and homes with open patios. Some pergola designs need to be anchored to a home or wall to remain steady. Gazebos and ramadas take up more space and are independent structures. They’re ideal for larger, more open backyards with big lawns or gardens. Budget – As you might have guessed, pergolas are a little more affordable in comparison to gazebos and ramadas. The latter two structures require more planning, material, and labor to build. Experienced installers can install a pergola with very little planning and in a matter of days. Architecture of Your Home – Pergolas are versatile enough to fit in with almost all kinds of architecture. You might have to dress the structure up a little if you have a traditional cottage style structure or an older home. Gazebos fit in perfectly with more traditional style homes. They can enhance the appearance of any garden or lawn and become the centerpiece of your outdoor space. If you’re still torn between the different options available to you, consider calling a professional for advice. The architects at Blooming Desert are awarded, experienced and talented., and they will assess your property carefully, look at the architecture of your home, and see how much space is available before they offer recommendations and solutions that fit into your requirements and budget.