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The Impact of a Quality Pool: Improve Your Life and Property Value

A beautiful, serene pool can make or break the way your backyard functions and appears. Pools may be a big investment and require a lot of work, but the rewards are endless. Swimming is a full body exercise with numerous health benefits, and the entertainment options you have with a pool are great for all ages. If you’ve made the decision to have a pool built or to renovate your current pool, you have made a wise investment for your future and the future of your property.

2015: Improve Your Quality of Life

You may have made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit and healthy. If you own a pool, especially a structure with heated properties, you’re in luck. There are many exercises and laps you can do at home that will greatly improve your overall health. Take a look at a few of the ways swimming can improve your health:

  • Swimming is beneficial to your heart and provides a cardiovascular boost that standard exercise does not
  • Swimming helps you develop lean, strong muscles
  • Because of weightlessness, swimming is relaxing and provides your body with a workout that is less strenuous than running or lifting weights
  • A heated pool relaxes muscles, enables stretching and relieves soreness

Naturally, swimming isn’t the only way a pool builds your quality of life. A quality pool helps you develop an indoor/outdoor lifestyle where you can spend comfortable evenings around the water, enjoying beverages with loved ones and taking in the desert sunset. It’s important that whether you are with family or guests, the outdoor area of your home is comfortable and relaxing. Relaxation is one of the best ways a pool can improve the quality of your life. Pools provide a place around which you can rest, absorb the sun, chat and hang out with loved ones or read a good book.
Quality of life is something that’s worth every penny and every bit of effort you can put into it. Your home should be a place of joy, growth and serenity, and your outdoor living space, especially here in the stunning Arizona desert, can play a huge part in that.

Improve Your Property Value

You’ve heard that a pool can increase the property value of your home, but only a quality pool can make drastic changes. This depends on area, but in Arizona, where the summer heat begins before the summer starts and continues long into fall, pools can bring up your property value exponentially. Standard, cookie cutter pool designs improve the value of your home by a few thousand dollars (when considering resale). Custom pools, on the other hand, can bring up your property by many thousands of dollars – think $20,000 and up, depending on how much your property is worth to begin with and of course, the square footage of your exterior space. With custom homes and custom backyard designs, buyers are looking to build a lifestyle, just as you have been. When you are selling a home or property that caters to the growth of a lifestyle, you are helping others achieve their dreams or goals, as well. Like-minded buyers will find this important when seeking a home.
Another way that a pool improves property value is through material. Pools constructed with durable, design-conscious materials present a good picture to interested buyers. A plaster finished pool, for example, is not as attractive to potential buyers as a pool finished with custom pebble designs. Naturally, you should choose to finish your pool with a material that best suits your preferences and design scheme, but any pool that supports the design scheme of your exterior space will be attractive to those looking to purchase a home with a pool.
Remember – you should never just add a pool to your home simply to improve property value. Property value is an important thing to consider when you’ve made the decision to improve your exterior living space, but since trends and markets change, you don’t want to make decisions based solely on property or resale value. If you are not planning on moving for a long time, seek to have a quality pool installed that caters to you and your family today and in the future. As you improve your quality of life by bringing everyone outdoors, you will reap the rewards of a pool and beautifully designed custom backyard long before you might ever think of moving away. The best thing to consider when having a new pool installed? Quality. Quality materials and quality pool construction will both improve your quality of life and property value, without too much thought on your end. The right Phoenix pool builders will ensure quality is the number one focus, and you can reap the rewards for many years to come.