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4 Creative Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Homeowners have turned their focus to their home’s outdoor spaces. They carefully plan, develop and decorate their backyards because they want a break from the four walls of cramped indoor spaces. Homeowners install outdoor kitchens, patios, living rooms, or dining rooms, etc. and utilize their backyard space more productively. One of the most popular additions to outdoor spaces is a fireplace. Here are 4 creative outdoor fireplace ideas to get you started.

Why install a fireplace on your outdoor patio?

People mostly spend time in their garden or yard outside of their work hours; which is typically during the mornings, evenings, and weekends. Early mornings and evenings can be quite dark and cool, especially during the autumn, winter, and early spring months. A functional fireplace will provide all of the warmth and light you need to be comfortable. Fire also creates a wonderful atmosphere and adds a glow to your backyard that will draw all your guests and family members to it.

1. Traditional Outdoor Fireplace

Traditional Fireplace
Traditional Fireplace

Traditional outdoor fireplace designs add a distinct charm to any backyard or patio. They’re often the centerpiece of the outdoor space and will dominate attention. We recommend these fireplaces to people with spacious patios and backyards because the fireplace can take up some space and overwhelm the décor. Traditional fireplaces are ideal for people who want a warm but private space on their patio as these feature provide heat only in one direction.

2. Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Pit
Fire Pit

Fire pits are more compact and manageable than fireplaces. They’re ideal for homes with modern designs and can be very versatile. Regardless of whether you have a contemporary and urban home or a traditionally designed house, you can find a fire pit that fits right in. Outdoor fire pits are excellent for people who love to socialize because they send warmth and light in all directions. You can create a seating arrangement around the fire pit and enjoy the company of many friends huddled around.
Keep in mind, a fireplace will only keep around three to four people warm while a fire pit with seating around it can easily accommodate five to 15 people, depending on the size of the pit. A fire pit also takes up less space and is much more discreet. You can install it in the corner of your small backyard and still enjoy a great deal of warmth.

3. Outdoor Fireplace with an Oven

Many homeowners that take advantage of the traditional fireplace setup to install a stone oven along with it. The oven is typically located above the fire and can be very handy if you like to throw dinner parties and BBQs. You can also add a smoker, stove, or grill. Your patio outdoor fireplace will transform into a small kitchen that you can use to create authentic tasting dishes in the traditional style.
Outdoor fireplaces with ovens are more functional than traditional fireplaces. You can also purchase them in prefabricated form and add veneers of your choice to customize the look. These fireplaces require some space so we only recommend them for people with spacious patios and backyards.

4. Tabletop Fire Pit

Some homeowners want a warm patio and backyard or outdoor rooms but don’t want to spend money on a full fireplace. The tabletop fire pit is an excellent alternative. These pits are small and look like a cauldron that you can move from one place to another. When the temperature drops, you can light the pit and place it on the ground or table before you.
Some outdoor tables already include fire pits. They provide warmth and allow you to have lunch or dinner outdoors. These fire pit tables are very safe to use so you can eat at them even when the fire is lit. Such tables add to the atmosphere of your backyard and will keep your guests and companions comfortable. As these fire pits and tables are portable, they don’t burn wood or charcoal. They use propane as fuel so you don’t have to worry about sparks flying in every direction and harming your guests.
Outdoor fireplaces and pits are excellent design ideas for to any backyard, especially if you have a comfortable patio. You can add some furniture around the fireplace and enjoy the warmth every evening. Fireplaces require careful planning and installation so you should call a professional landscaper, like the ones at Blooming Desert, with experience to handle the task. They will make sure your fireplace is up to code and safe to use in your property. They will also determine the placement, size, and location of your fireplace or pit before they offer solutions.