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Modern Pool Design Styles

Swimming pool designs have evolved and matured over time. Only a few years ago, homes were built with simple rectangle pools and people were happy with that. Modern homeowners are more adventurous and love to experiment with the design and architecture of their home and the features and installations on their property. They explore swimming pool designs carefully and choose something that complements their home and suits their bold, modern style. Swimming pools can be a big investment so why not install something that would add beauty and value to your home?

Modern Pool Design Options to Consider

Pools are very versatile and flexible. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and may have multiple-functionality too. Modern pools can have an in-built spa, a fountain, and are often used to add a unique decorative element to the overall architecture of the home. Here are some of the most popular designs you should consider when you plan your pool:

Covered Pools

Covered pools are popular with people with have some room in their budget and space on their property. Regular pools are open and exposed to the elements. Covered pools have a ceiling, so you can still enjoy the outdoor view but have the comfort of a shaded pool.

Lit From Within

Lit from within pools are stunning to look at and add a distinct beauty to your home. Designers add a series of lights at the bottom of the pool this allows the water to gently disperse the light, which makes the entire pool glow from within and illuminate the surroundings. The well-lit pool is safe to use at night and can be an excellent place to host a party.

Spa and Swimming Pools

Why choose between a relaxing spa and a swimming pool when you can have both? Outdoor pools with Jacuzzis and spas have become very popular and are an excellent investment to make. You can easily divide the pool into two sections and add a spa to one part. The spa will help you relax and release the stress of a busy professional life.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are some of the most beautiful and coveted pool designs. This design can’t be installed in all kinds of properties because you need to have the right architectural and landscape elements in place. You should consult with your pool designer to check if you can install an infinity pool on your property.

Shallow and Deep

If you have children or plan to have them, you should consider installing a pool with different depths. The shallow end of the pool will be ideal for your kids while the deeper end of the pool will be ideal for you and other adult members of your family.

Natural Pools

Natural pools look organic and beautiful, which is why many homeowners are attracted to the design. They provide a soothing environment to a home and will help you relax. They’re also safe to swim in and easy to clean because they’re not like fish or koi ponds. Natural pools only look natural because of the rocks and overall design and don’t have any plant or animal life in them.

Geometrical Pools

Geometrical pools are a perfect fit for modern and contemporary homes. These pools are structured, look sharp, and will stand out. You can use the geometrical pattern in the pool shape or in the pool floor tiles and decorations. Sharp angles and straight lines will ensure your pool looks elegant and sophisticated.

Thin and Long

Your pool doesn’t have to be wide and big. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard, you can install a thin and long pool along the side of your fence or property. These pools will fit in perfectly and give you space to swim laps and exercise.

Pool with a Pergola

Most people swim during the summer months and can easily become susceptible to the force of the sun. A pergola is a perfect solution to this problem. You can build one over the pool so don’t have to leave the water to enjoy some shade. You can simply swim over to the area of the pool with the pergola and take a break from the heat.
Design ideas that look great on magazine pages and websites might not look so great in your home. Many homeowners don’t consider all the factors mentioned above carefully enough and are forced to deal with a pool that stands out like a sore thumb. If you plan to install one on your home, you should consider hiring professional designers, like the ones at Blooming Desert, to handle the task. They will consider your budget and requirements carefully before they offer their recommendations.