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5 Backyard Design Ideas for 2015

Arizona’s year-round warm climate means that outdoor living is possible all year long. With the right elements, your backyard can be a functional, beautiful, elegant retreat that works in the heat of the summer as well as the cool evenings in the winter. With a specialized Arizona backyard design, you can have an exterior living space to relax and entertain. Consulting with a local professional landscape designer can ensure that you create an outdoor living space that complements your home, works for your family, and reflects the beauty of the surrounding desert. If your current backyard design feels like it is missing something ,consider adding one of the following design ideas.

Amp Up Your Green Space

If you don’t want the maintenance of traditional grass, go with desert foliage that will bring forth a variety of beautiful colors to compliment your backyard design. Arizona landscaping plants that thrive in dry conditions add color, texture, form, and function to a low maintenance hardscape. Lush low-moisture grasses like Deer Grass or Sideoats Grama can define a space or accent a feature wall. Succulents need very little water to survive and are a great choice for desert areas. Lechuguilla Verde, Mescal Ceniza, and Smooth Agave mix well with grasses and flower seasonally to bring welcome bursts of color to the landscaping. Choose a mix of shrubs, grasses, trees, and perennials to provide color that accents Arizona’s natural beauty and brings life to the empty spaces in your landscaping. Additional accent lighting can showcase your beautiful plants as evening falls to provide an attractive atmosphere for entertaining.

Just Add Water

While you can’t bring the ocean to your Arizona backyard, you can bring a little bit of it home with you. Just the sound of bubbling water or the laughter of kids playing in the pool brings a sense of contentment to your outdoor space. Ponds, waterfalls, and custom pools are just some of the options available.  Water features are beautiful, soothing, and draw an assortment of wildlife to your backyard. Custom pools are designed to work with your yard’s existing size, shape, and landscape. They work as a mirror that reflects and amplifies Arizona’s surrounding natural beauty. Ponds should appear to be a natural part of the landscape and not an artificial addition. Using natural stones and a gentle water flow will mimic a natural spring and add an aspect of elegance to your gathering space.

Bring On the Shade

It’s no secret that Arizona summers are hot. If your backyard feels more like an oven than a retreat, it is time to add some shade. A structure like a free-standing pergola blocks the sun’s rays while adding a vertical eye-catching element to your landscaping. Pergolas are often made of natural, rustic woods that complement your home’s structure. A pergola can be situated over a large seating area, dining table, or recreational area to provide shade. Depending on your yard’s orientation, other structures such as stone walls can provide shade in the evening hours and add privacy and structural beauty to your space.

Patio Cooking: More Than Just Grills

The options for modern outdoor kitchens are endless. Your father may have loved his grill, but did he have a wood-fired brick pizza oven? Could he pour a glass of wine, chilled perfectly in the wine refrigerator while expertly grilling steaks and veggies on the expansive gas grill? When designing a custom outdoor kitchen, the sky is the limit. There is no reason for you to be sequestered in the kitchen while your family and guests gather around the pool, relaxing on the plush patio furniture and enjoy each other’s company. A beautiful outdoor kitchen provides a focal point for entertaining as you visit with your guests who gather around the bar to enjoy your conversation as much as the hors d’oeuvres.

Natural Stone Patios and Walkways

Natural stone is an essential component of a beautiful outdoor design. Light colored stone such as limestone, slate, flagstone, and sandstone work well as walkways, patios, and pool decks. They are as durable as they are attractive and their light colors and smooth surfaces make them easy on bare feet even in the Arizona heat. Bluestone and travertine are popular choices for pool decks as their porous composition and appealing colors create a non-slip, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance surfaces.
Most importantly, an excellent Arizona backyard design will include several of these individual elements in a way that each one blends seamlessly with the next and provides year-round enjoyment. If you feel like your back yard lacks cohesiveness or functionality, contact us to receive a custom quote for landscaping.