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8 Natural Stone Trends

Natural stone pool deck designs can transform your backyard swimming pool or hot tub into an oasis of natural beauty and peace. By integrating the pool into your existing home landscape, natural stone is both environmentally friendly and timeless. It also maintains the taste level and luxury design sensibilities present in the rest of your home.

8 Natural Stone Trends for Pools

1. Flagstone

This popular choice for patio pavers has extended into the swimming pool landscape. Flagstone is an ideal way to merge your pool into your existing landscape by utilizing the very same stone that you’ve already placed in your yard. Naturally slip-resistant, heat-resistant, durable, and attractive, flagstone works very well for pool decks. It comes in a range of colors, so you can customize your pool’s look and feel.

2. Slate

A type of flagstone, slate is another common choice for exterior landscape design. Like flagstone, slate resists wear and tear, does not hold in heat, and is slip-resistant. Slate is often grey, blue, purple, rust, or chocolate in tone; if you prefer lighter colors, look to another type of natural stone.

3. Sandstone

Sandstone gives the pool decking more of a rugged feel. A naturally porous stone, sandstone will erode over time, which means that your pool’s landscape will change with the years. This can be the perfect choice for a romantic country retreat. Sandstone tends to be tawny brown to red in color and offers more of an even look and feel than some other natural stones, which can be more variegated in hue.

4. Limestone

Naturally light in hue, limestone is durable and attractive. The stone withstands continuous use and will not weather with the passing of time. If you’re looking for white, pink, beige, tan, or grey pool deck designs, limestone’s combination of convenience and elegance is incomparable.

5. Granite

One of the hardest of the natural stones, granite can create a pool deck that withstands the heaviest of use and the most extreme weather. Granite has a natural shine that can make it eye-catching, and tends toward deep, rich hues. Granite can work equally well for elegant pool decks and for rustic, rugged estate pools. It is naturally water-repellent and low maintenance.

6. Travertine

When elegance, refinement, and artistry are top sensibilities, travertine is a beautiful choice. Travertine can be polished to a textured or matte appearance, and is usually cream, ivory, beige, or tan in color. This stone is also low-maintenance and naturally cool. Since it is porous, it instantly absorbs water to create a natural no-slip pool deck.

7. Bluestone

As its name suggests, bluestone has a dark blue-grey hue that makes it an attractive and elegant option for pool landscaping. It can blend in with the water color to create a seamless pool atmosphere. Like other types of flagstone, bluestone is naturally heat-resistant and slip-resistant. The stone can be finished to have a smooth or textured appearance, as you wish.

8. Coral stone

Perfect for natural pools that exude a tropical or beachy vibe, coral stone (also known as coralina fossil stone or keystone) actually contains small bits of fossils, shells, coral, and sand. This can give the stone a mottled appearance and gritty texture that closely mimics the feel of a sandy beach. This stone is naturally non-slip, heat-resistant, weather-resistant and low-maintenance.
If you want to learn more about any of these stone pool deck trends, or receive a custom quote for landscaping your pool area with any of these natural stones, please contact us.