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5 Reasons Why Landscaping Increases Property Value

A well-landscaped home can increase a homeowner’s property values by up to 20 percent, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Making sure the landscaping is done well is key to maximizing the return on your investment. Investing in high-quality products, as well as a qualified and experienced landscaper can make all the difference and ensure you reap the greatest return on your investment.

5 Reasons Why Landscaping Increases Property Value

  1. Landscaping sells your home faster. 
    A home with beautiful Arizona landscaping sells faster for a few reasons. Many homeowners don’t invest money into making the outside of their homes look as beautiful as the inside. Taking the initiative and giving those areas an extra zing with Phoenix landscape design helps to attract buyers. Homes that sell quickly tend to sell for more money than homes that lag on the market. A beautiful home also sets your property apart from the competition, making it unique in the buyer’s mind.
  2. Landscaping signals that you take care of your home.
    Potential buyers will look at the beautiful Phoenix landscape design outside your home, the care that you put into maintaining the impeccable plants and patios, and — whether consciously or not — think that you must take excellent care of the inside of your home, too. Being a diligent homeowner means that you make necessary repairs instead of waiting to see how long you can go before fixing things, which means fewer headaches for prospective home buyers once they move in. The last thing a new homeowner wants is to clean up the mess left by the former owner. When a prospective buyer views your immaculate Arizona landscaping, he will believe that care extends to the inside of the home. Buying a home is a big investment, and knowing that a home has been well cared for can ease the mind of a prospective buyer.
  3. Landscaping increases curb appeal.
    The outside of your home sends a strong message to your neighbors, people driving by, and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. A neighborhood of well-manicured lawns elevates the feel of the neighborhood, attracting quality residents and making the homes feel well-cared for. Increasing curb appeal through Phoenix landscaping design raises the value of your home.
  4. Landscaping adds living space.
    During mild winters and warm summer months, having a beautiful front and backyard with pavers, a custom pool and stunning Arizona landscaping adds extra living space on to your home, which can increase your home value and offer a great setting for you to relax with your family and friends. Phoenix pool builders may build a sparkling summertime retreat, further increasing the allure of your home. Having a wonderful outdoor area to barbecue and enjoy your free time is an attractive feature in any property, and the investment will pay for itself over time.
  5. Landscaping makes your home unique.
    Many homes have grass thrown in the front with some shrubs, but if your home features extra special landscaping that sets it apart from the rest, that in itself adds value. Rare things are generally worth more than readily available items. By differentiating your home with beautiful Phoenix landscape design, you are setting your home apart from the rest and increasing its value. Custom landscape design in Phoenix not only makes a great first impression, but it also leaves a lasting impression.

Words of Encouragement

Being unique doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Start getting inspired today and learn how to maximize your investment. Below are a few examples of great design to get your creative juices flowing. You can also visit our landscape design gallery for more!