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Five Privacy Landscape Design Ideas

Every yard is unique, and every yard deserves privacy. Even if you’re showing off a grand display, harnessing your home’s finer design assets or creating a truly new vibe, your landscape can benefit from an exclusive sanctuary feel. When implementing plants, walls and other design features, don’t forget to bolster your area’s protective features. Check out the steps below to fortify your environment, creating a one-of-a-kind space with these privacy landscape design ideas.

Build a Privacy Fence

“Fence,” here, can be a designed wall. The most attractive yard areas harness privacy via unique wall additions, so why not join them? Consider a mural wall, painted with your style’s unique touches and enhance your yard’s artistic elements. Remember: You’re going for a look of exclusivity. Don’t settle for a plain, old privacy fence. Look for stylized options, and close off your landscape with a unique touch alongside other privacy landscape design ideas built to please.

Create Soothing Water Sounds

Ground-level water features will keep sights set on your landscape, rather than streets beyond. They’ll also detract from unwanted noises. Your backyard landscape is an experience, and it deserves a little protection from external traffic. You have a lot of flexibility with running water sounds, so don’t limit yourself! Take charge with making a small stream, or work with your pool’s water supply to create a flowing addition.

Cast Curtains for Privacy

If you’re working with a patio area, consider covering up your home’s overexposed side. Fences and even curtains are extravagant additions guaranteed to close up your landscape without being suffocating. For the sake of your yard’s overall look, cast curtains alongside the side areas, cabana, patio or raised balcony to spice up your area’s appeal. Additionally, consider working alongside your home’s curtains to match colors. A ton of design options are available when you shed preconceptions about “inside” and “outside.”

Plant a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are supreme privacy enactors, and they’re fantastic additions to any household. If you’re looking for something plain, consider river birches. These trees are thin, and they can amplify your front porch without getting in the way. Fast-growing, colorful and thin, birch trees are graceful additions to any household.
Gardens, too, can combine richness and privacy. The best part? You’ve got a lot of flexibility in this area. Really, any garden addition will do. You should, however, back it up with a lattice fence and leylands. A lattice fence, when placed behind a garden, will tie in your garden’s feel while reducing external visibility. Plant arborvitae, and solidify your low-cost solution with a little extra green.
Your yard can absolutely be private from the world, so don’t give up just because it’s in an open area. With a little elbow grease, time and dedication, you can revitalize any outdoor living area to meet your household’s style. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still plant easygoing plants to maximize your landscape’s lushness. Many landscape security options require thick, tall plant-life installations, anyway, requiring minimum attention. Embrace your style, take care in maximizing privacy and extract your landscape’s true face.