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Color Boost Your Yard this Spring with Container Gardening

Every homeowner wants a pretty garden with ample colorful flowers and plants. That’s relatively easy to achieve in regions that have a favorable climate and ample rainfall. It’s not as easy to get the same result if you live in a region where water is scarce and the weather is hot and dry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any greenery at all. If you choose the right gardening method and the right plants, you’ll have a colorful and thriving garden this spring. Here are some tips that can help you:

What are Container Gardens?

Container gardening is a very efficient way to create a controlled and water-conserving garden. As the name suggests, the plants are placed in pots and containers instead of the ground. This helps you control the plants and their growth, keeps the pests at bay, and helps conserve water. Containers and pots are an excellent way to grow colorful plants and still create a drought-resistant garden.
You don’t need to sacrifice color and vibrancy to conserve water because these containers and pots won’t require as much as a full-fledged garden. You can place these containers in different areas of your backyard and front yard. You can also move them around if you want to change the layout and design of your garden. That’s more difficult to achieve if the garden is planted on the ground and not in containers.

What Kind of Plants Can You Place in the Containers?

If you live in a dry and hot region like Arizona, you need to choose the right plants. These plants need to withstand the heat, thrive on less water, and should be resilient. They should also be colorful and pretty enough to be a part of your landscape. Here’s a list of some of the best plants for your garden containers:

  • If you Love Yellow Flowers – Yellow will add brightness and cheer to your landscape. It’s a very visible color so people will notice it immediately. Some of the best yellow-flowering plants are acacia, achillea (yarrow), oenothera (Missouri evening primrose), santolina, and rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan).
  • If you prefer Orange Flowers – Yellow adds brightness while orange adds warmth and joy. Some of the best orange plants are asclepias (milkweed), cotyledon, gazania, leonotis, and mimulus.
  • If Pink is your Color – Pink is pretty, bright, and soft, which is why many homeowners want this color in their container gardens. You can choose aloe, armeria (thrift), centranthus (Jupiter’s beard), gaura, lagerstroemia, phornium, and cistus.
  • If you’re Passionate about Red – Red will add dimension and intensity to your garden. In a garden full of bright and light flowers, red plants can add depth and contrast. The best options available are coprosma, grevillea, nandina, and pelargonium.

You’ll also find flowers in blue, lavender, green, and white. These plants and make your garden look pretty and elegant. They’re also easy to maintain and fuss-free, which is ideal for the modern homeowner as most don’t have much time on their hands to garden. We also recommend you speak with professional landscaper, like those at Blooming Desert, store to determine which plants might be best suitable for you.