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6 Outdoor Water Feature Trends

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Homeowners have installed water features like ponds, fountains, pools, cascades, etc, on their property for centuries. You can find them in old American, European, and Asian homes quite often. Water has a calming and soothing effect on the environment and can help create a peaceful vibe on your property. You can incorporate water in a number of creative, fun, and interesting ways. Here are six outdoor water feature trends that can help you find something that suits your taste.

1. Pool Water Fountains

Most well-designed swimming pools are beautiful in their own right and require no adornment. But pool water fountains just add an interesting and almost playful element to your pool. The noise and movement of flowing water helps create a lively environment and can make you pool look even more beautiful. You’ll feel like you’re in a five-star luxury hotel rather than your own backyard if you have pool water fountains. These fountains are often placed in a strategic location so they don’t create an obstacle while you’re swimming and still fit in with the overall design.

2. Wall Waterfalls

Wall waterfalls are very popular with homeowners who want to save some space but still want moving water in their backyard. These waterfalls can be attached to the boundary wall or by the swimming pool so they’re out of the way. These waterfalls look great and are very easy to maintain. They also add movement and rhythm to the environment in your home, which is why many homeowners are enamored by them. Wall waterfalls are also easier and more affordable to build so they’ll fit into your budget.

3. Play Water Fountain

Play water fountains are relatively modern innovations but they can be a great deal of fun. Homeowners with young children love them because they’re very entertaining and can keep kids engaged for a long time. As the name suggests, they’re play fountains and can move in different speeds and rhythms. These fountain systems are embedded in the floor and send bursts of water in the upward direction. You can also add music and lights to this water fountain and enjoy the visual beauty of the entire feature.

4. Classic Fountains

You just can’t go wrong with classic designs and water features. Classic fountains are majestic and grand. They’re often the centerpieces of any backyard and front yard because they immediately grab attention. Most classic fountains are pieces of art with intricate designs and sculptures so they don’t just add water to your landscape environment, but also introduce a unique design element.

5. Reflective Ponds

If you want something more organic and natural, you should choose reflective ponds. These outdoor water features are beautiful to look at and create a soothing environment on your property. Reflective ponds, as the name suggests, have a mirror-like surface so they reflect the surrounding fixtures and even the sky to some extent. This creates an illusion of space and adds a distinct beauty to your backyard or front yard space.

6. Custom Fountains

You don’t need to settle for the common designs available in the market because fountains are very customizable. Custom fountains will add character and interest to your outdoor landscape, and you’d be surprised what talented designers can come up with.
Any one of these six outdoor water features will add life and movement to your property, so choose something that fits into your landscape and your property design. A professional landscape designer, like the ones at Blooming Desert, can help you get exactly what you want, or even more!