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Arcadia French Country

PROJECT NAME: Calle Del Medio
LOCATION: Phoenix – Arcadia

Create Privacy, Work Around Existing Mature Trees, Create Livable Space, Client Required Outdoor Heating


Pool, Water Feature, Custom Pergola, Fireplace, Electric Heaters, Fire Pit, Travertine Coping, Re-Claimed Brick Decking, Pottery

Calle del Medio is designed in the French Country style which showcases clean lines, subtle color transitions and über-rich textures.  Day or night, this yard is magical.  This property is tucked neatly into the East Phoenix neighborhood of Arcadia.  The Arcadia neighborhood is known for its mature, lush green trees.  The clients are fortunate in that the property is completely surrounded by a treeline from neighboring lots.  Because of this, we were able to put more of the emphasis on the layout of the yard and had less to be concerned about starting from scratch in terms of privacy.  The layout is focused mainly by centering a rectangular pool horizontally in the yard.  The pool is flanked by living spaces on either end: a pergola with built in heaters and a fireplace on one end and a fire pit and lounge area on the other.  The main view out of the house carries out to the pool as your eyes are drawn to a classically patterned blue tile water feature wall.  Your eyes are then able to rest there, due to the densely layered plant material behind it – placed there to soften the wall and eventually grow into the already mature plantings behind. 

As you look around this yard, you will notice how important the patterns are.  The blue tile on the water feature wall, the herringbone reclaimed brick decking, and the layered plantings behind all create interest as your eyes move through the space.  Even the double-stacked toppers on the custom wood pergola lay down a patterned shade that adds dimension to the space below.  You can’t help but feel comfortable when you walk into the space.  The lightly painted stucco gives a look of fondant icing.  It finishes so cleanly that you are able to notice all of the details around it without competition.  

Earthy brown and green glazed urns add depth to the mostly flat yard.  The contrast between the glazed finish on the urns and the tumbled brick contrast nicely as the layered plantings within the urn add texture and movement.  

The Valley of the Sun offers its residents and guests the opportunity to truly engage themselves in year-round outdoor living.  We are called to create spaces that transform the way our clients live their lives.  Whether lounging by the pool or cozied up by around the fire pit, this particular space is inviting you outside…away from the TV…away from the stress of the day.

Using simple glass tile mosaics on the steps gives a touch of additional sparkle to the water while drawing the eye to the edge to enter the pool safely.  There is nothing flashy or overdone about this yard.  Yet when you look closely, it is littered with spectacularly fine details – from the pendant lantern hanging from the pergola, to the patterned and mosaic tiles, to the subtle fragrance of the lavender planted behind the pool – they all add up to magical.