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Hilltop Estate

LOCATION: North Phoenix

360 Degree Views, Hilltop Property, Limited Access, Significant Grading Required, Phoenix Hillside Engineering Requirements


Pool, Spa, Glass Walls, Ramada, Outdoor Kitchen w/Granite Counters, Trex Decking, Fireplace, Fire Pit, Custom Iron, Travertine Paver Decking, Artificial Lawn, Pottery, Engineered Retaining walls, Concrete Paver Driveway

This project has been one of our favorites over the years.  This amazing piece of land in North Phoenix showcases views of Piestawa Peak, North Mountain Preserve and Dreamy Draw.  The property rests on top of a hill.  The aforementioned views are the obvious benefit.  However, limited access, extremely rocky soil conditions and intense engineering requirements are a few of the challenges posed by a property like this.  The goal was to create a livable space that seamlessly transitioned from the home.  Maintaining the amazing views was a must.  Beyond that, there needed to be independent areas in which our clients were able to utilize the property in different ways.  

Key design principles, such as rhythm, repetition, balance and harmony, guide our work.  It is not by accident that you see blues and greens repeated throughout this property.  With this much big, brilliant, blue sky, it is nearly a requirement to carry that through the design.  The greens work in harmony with the blues as they bring life to the varied brown tones of the desert.

A simple 12″ wide copper scupper creates a sense of movement as it offers just enough relief from the sound of the freeway several hundred feet below.  The triangulated water feature, spa and lounge area all work together to frame one of the properties primary views.  

This ramada sits just off of the home.  The orientation is set to optimize views that are unmatched in the valley.  As grand as the vistas are, this space is designed to be a conformable destination.  Whether you are summer barbecuing while family and friends play in the pool or enjoying a sunset by the fire with glass of wine, this space is designed to be lived in.

This outdoor kitchen located close to the interior access point and under sun and rain protection is designed to be a gathering point.  Notice the repeated blue in the granite counter.  This gives life to the space without drawing the eye away from the more important visual components within the space.  Repeating the travertine decking into the kitchen veneer offers a since of fluidity by pulling the lightly contrasting neutral tones from the stone, decking and stucco – all of this while still distinguishing this particular structure a primary component within the space.  Any potential monotony of a continued material is alleviated by modulating the depth set of the travertine paver veneer.  

Trex decking is cantilevered over the edge of the cliff give a sense of endlessness.  

Hilltop properties are different in that most of the views are below you.  Glass walls, rather than iron view fencing, give you the ability to truly experience all that is beyond the property.  No views are diminished and the eyes are not averted. 

Simple sight transitions, such as the lantana, are used to allow the eye to carry from the turf, to the decking, and beyond without getting hung up on the hard corners of the decking.  

A fire pit and the gravel base surrounding it create the perfect retreat nestled away in the corner of the property.  In the heart of the city, there isn’t a better place to start a cool quiet morning with a cup of coffee.