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Arcadia Ranch

PROJECT NAME: Calle Redonda

Create a Livable Courtyard that Optimizes Front Yard Views, Soften Perimeter Walls, Heavily Layered Plantings


Pool/Spa, Outdoor Kitchen, Concha Decking, Re-Purposed Brick Decking, Fire Pit, Lawn, Layered Plantings, Courtyard, Lighting, Automatic Pool Cover, Water Feature, Garden

Nestled on the east side of Phoenix is the Arcadia neighborhood.  Full of comfortable ranch-style homes with great views and surrounded by citrus trees, wonderful coffee shops and fantastic restaurants.  We helped these clients showcase their style and personality though their landscape design.  From creating a front yard, a back yard, pool/spa and a courtyard that all flow together, to utilizing every corner of the property for a specific purpose, we were able to help them achieve their goal of having a stylish and functional exterior space.  And as a nod to Phoenix’s great running community, we even installed a water station for runners traveling down the canal that the property backs up to.  Simple touches as this, along with the adherence to design principles of harmony, rhythm and balance are what make this project so special.   

A rectangular pool and inset spa are perfect complements to this classic Arizona ranch house.  Simple deck jets provide subtle movement and draw your attention away from any distant traffic noise.  Expanded deck space and a fire pit located near the spa create a perfect spot for entertaining.  This pool also features an under-deck track system which allows the client to secure the pool with an automatic pool cover.  

Multiple materials complement each other at this classic ranch.  The use of Concha, an extremely cool-to-the-touch shell stone mined off of the coast of Mexico, provides a contrasting border to the rich colors adjacent to it while serving a very functional purpose.

This outdoor kitchen tucked away on the side yard creates a relaxing spot to prepare a meal.  A raised garden bed just feet away gives the chef the opportunity to prepare food with fresh herbs and vegetables and minimizes trips back into the house.

Repeating materials, Concha and re-purposed brick, from the back yard allow the homeowners and their guests a feeling of continuity as they move from the front yard, through the house and into the back yard.  Low walls help define the living space while protecting views and allowing the courtyard to maintain the neighborly feel that the Arcadia neighborhood is so famous for.  You can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise on Camelback Mountain and waving at your neighbors walking their dog down the street.