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Andaluza Modern

PROJECT NAME: Calvary Drive
LOCATION: Scottsdale

Preserve Mountain Views, Work with Scottsdale NAOS and Re-Veg, Create Shade, Livable Desert


Pool/Spa, Outdoor Kitchen, Travertine Decking, Steel Shed Roof Ramada, Gabion Fire Pit, Natural Stone Veneering, Raised Planters, Pottery, Artificial Lawn

The Calvary Drive project was one in which our clients were moving from California and were excited to create a space that that fit seamlessly into the desert without sacrificing their personal style.  We, with our clients, were aiming for a design that allows them to use their yard year round.  In planning, it was a focus to create distinct spaces, each with their own functional purpose – all while feeling connected to each other.  

The only place in the yard that is exposed to views of neighborhood traffic is to the west.  This structure is designed and oriented to offer midday and afternoon shade, while the masonry wall creates privacy.  The wall is stuccoed and painted to match the body of the house.  The black steel and tongue-in-groove ceiling on the shed roof ramada offer a nice color contrast set against the big Arizona sky.  

A compacted DG pathway lies in harmony with its surroundings while still providing a comfortable foot surface to guide you into the desert.  

This gabion fire pit offers a distinct textural look and complements the surrounding desert.  Though in different formats, there is a heavy repetition of stone and steel.