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Discovering the Beauty of Natural Pool Designs

There’s a reason that natural stone designs are a top 2015 trend for pool landscaping: They’re flexible, durable, attractive, and easy to integrate into the existing style of your home and your yard and garden. Fall in love with natural pool designs by exploring these common exterior pool design ideas.

Desert Pool Landscaping

Xeriscaping is perfect for Arizona homes. Capitalize on your existing desert landscaping by using natural stones, stone chips, or gravel to fill in around the pool. Look for aggregate or pavers in tawny desert hues like sand, rust, tan, or cream. These colors play off the existing desert landscape and can even help you create a desert oasis complete with your very own swimming hole.
Add drama and intrigue to your desert landscaping by incorporating native plants including grasses, succulents, and cacti. Look for low-maintenance plants that will not drop their leaves or flowers into the pool.

Rocky Pool Landscapes

Large river rocks and boulders can be used to add height and drama to your exterior landscape. Boulders can also add privacy; when strategically positioned around the pool exterior, they will screen out your view of the neighbors and make the pool feel more intimate. Smaller river rocks can be used in pool landscaping, poolside garden beds, and pool decking to give your yard the feel of a creek bed or rocky canyon, integrating your pool in with the natural environment.

Waterfall Pool Landscapes

Waterfalls can turn your home pool into a statement by adding mystery, intrigue, and beauty. The soothing sound of falling water will also block out light neighborhood noise and turn your backyard pool into a spa-like place for utmost relaxation. It’s easier than ever to incorporate a waterfall into your backyard pool when landscaping with natural stone. There are many different styles of pool waterfalls and water features that can help you capitalize on your pool’s shape and placement to create the perfect backyard oasis.
When landscaping the pool with large natural stones, those same natural rocks can double as waterfalls with help from a skilled pool builder. A pool builder can tie the waterfall into your current swimming pool pump system, and can add accent lighting that illuminates the water feature at night and really creates a stunning backdrop for any outdoor event.

Canyon Pool Design

Creative thinking and a sunken layout can turn a simple backyard pool into a tranquil and private canyon. This concept works well in hilly backyards where there are different grades throughout. Natural rock landscaping can create a raised pool decking area separate from the sunken swimming pool. If you have a raised deck or patio and an in-ground pool, this design is a nice way to bridge these two outdoor features and create a seamless backyard flow.
Canyon designs work well in sandstone or coral stone, natural stones that have a rough texture. These stones are porous, so they will absorb water and keep the pool atmosphere slip-resistant and safe for all. This idea is also a good choice for xeriscaped homes as it looks great without poolside plants. To capitalize on the look and feel of a canyon pool, add dramatic spot lighting to play on the rocks and in the water. To add even more drama to your canyon pool, incorporate a water feature.
These are just a few of the ways to integrate natural pool designs into your desert landscaping. A creative, skilled pool company can work with you to turn your initial inspiration into an inspiring design that integrates your pool with the rest of your outdoor living area.