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Ideas for Landscaping with Water Fountains

You may not know it, but there may be something missing from your property that keeps you cool and makes your yard look so much more alive. Landscaping with water fountains provides you with many opportunities to incorporate stone, flora and fauna into a garden layout that is a joy to look at every single day. These ideas help you envision how water fountains might make your property much cooler with the help of a landscape designer.

Landscaping with Water Fountains

A Fountain at the Spa’s Edge

There are few things more relaxing than taking a break in your own spa. A regular spa can be engaging, but add a fountain and you take the beauty of the feature to the next level. You can incorporate fountains into your spa in several different ways. Install a small pool above the spa, so that water may trickle gently into the spa. You might decide to have the water from the spa cycle into a nearby swimming pool in a waterfall fashion. You could also have the water come from jets surrounding the spa to have a constant stream of water flowing into the spa.

Water Fountains Made of Stone

What could be a more natural design than water and stone? You have virtually unlimited options to create a lovely conversation piece in your yard using stones and fountains. A traditional design might feature sculpted stone that sends water cascading down a series of pools, only to be cycled through again in an endless cycle. You can also use the stones in such a way that it appears like a spring has bubbled up over the surface and flows naturally over the rocks, into gravel and lovely plants nearby. These styles are especially perfect for small spaces, when you want a water feature but you do not have a lot of square footage to devote to the idea.

Koi Pond Waterfall

If you have a koi pond, one of the ways you can ensure that the water is adequately aerated is by adding a waterfall. As the water is cycled through the waterfall, it maintains a higher oxygen level ideal for the fish. Build a stone wall on one side of the pool, and send the water over the wall into the pond. Adding coordinating greenery on the edges of the waterfall, and the pond creates a cohesive design that is both useful and pleasing.

Landscaping With Water Fountains Spilling Into a Pool

Do you like to imagine that you could have a swimming pool that is a natural spring or swimming hole that has been around for hundreds of years? You can better achieve your vision by putting in a water fountain that spills directly into the pool. You might decide to have the water come directly from a spa attached to the pool, but you are far from limited to this concept. Consider a spectacular series of fountains along one stone wall of the pool, dropping water from various heights. Add a series of pools that create slowly cascading water, as if they were running down a babbling brook.
A water feature is an excellent choice to add to your property, but you can do it in so many different ways. Whether you choose to add water fountains to your pool, spa or koi pond, or you just want to have a standalone feature that looks wonderful and matches your current landscaping, you can put your dream into your yard. When you have a water fountain on your land, you always have a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your home in comfort.