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Latest Landscape Design Trends

Homeowners take their outdoor spaces very seriously these days. The “yard” is no longer just something to mow, or a place to send the kids or dog to go out and play. For many the outdoors becomes like another living space or two that just happens to extend beyond the walls of their house. Several of the latest landscape design trends reflect just how serious homeowners have become about not skimping on their lifestyle. It is also a place to enforce their own environmental values and set an example for their communities.

Latest Lanscape Design Trends


As people work on their landscaping design projects, sustainability has becomes big goal. Many prefer to spend less time mowing grass made from ordinary sod patches. Instead some have their “yards” organized to provide fruits and vegetables for their families, and in some cases their neighbors as well. In some highly organized neighborhoods, different neighbors may even choose to grow different things in order to swap ingredients, taking the idea of eating “local” to a whole new level.
In addition to growing “crops” in their yards, many take advantage of the latest landscape design ideas to help them effectively use rainwater so it is efficiently collected into the soil minimizing the need to manually water their yards or gardens.

Outdoor Living

For many families, going outside is no longer a thing, because they choose to do a good deal of their “living” outside. Many decide to build a second kitchen outdoors that include appliances — a far cry from simply putting a grill on the patio. They are also investing in upscale outdoor furniture with weather resistant fabrics that is designed to allow for sitting and visiting outside with friends and family for extended periods of time. Some of this furniture may be arranged near a pool and/or hot tub with sophisticated lighting and sound systems that help assure that the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.
Working outside has become popular as well, and many work closely with their landscape designers to assure that they are able to maintain a strong wifi signal outdoors, and make sure that they have places available that provide the shading they need to run computers or other electronic equipment, such as high resolution televisions that are less vulnerable to glare.

Natural Oasis

Relaxing and connecting with nature is a high priority for many so creating a natural oasis in their yard is another of the latest landscape design trends that people are embracing. They are choosing plants that include soft colors, and also incorporate flowing water sources, such as backyard streams, fountains, and waterfall walls that will allow them to enjoy the sound of water while they are outside. Many also take advantage of design trends that find healthy ways to support important the ecosystem, including having a safe and welcoming space available for the birds and bees.
Whether you are more technologically inclined, or want your time outside to help you build your bond with nature, one of the latest landscape design trends are certain to fit your personality, style, and values and maximize your ability to enjoy your home and keep you guests happy too.