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Top 10 Types of Pool Features

Have you ever felt your home’s exterior space is missing something? Swimming pools can add a lot of fun and enjoyment to your backyard, but the best ones are more than just a hole with water that your family and friends enjoy during the warmer months. There are lots of ways to design the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family. You want to be able to relax and enjoy your backyard all times of the year. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest pool features to consider for a new pool design:

Add decorative touches to your pool

Your pool is more than just a place to swim and relax – it is the centerpiece of your backyard. Below, a few of these decorative and functional touches can make your pool a real standout.
Pool lighting: Pool lighting is necessary to make your pool area safer at night, but it is also the easiest way to create an exciting theatrical mood. Low-profile lighting helps illuminate paths and highlight landscaping, while underwater fiber optics lighting, in a variety of colors, makes night swimming safer and creates a stunning light show.
Waterfalls: Bring the rhythmic sound of cascading water into your backyard by incorporating a waterfall into your pool area. Choose from a wide selection of natural looking waterfalls, or opt for a more modern choice, like a sheer water wall. Whichever you choose is sure to add a luxurious and relaxing touch.
Knife edge pools: As known as Lauter-style pools, these types of pools have one or more sides where the water level is equal to the height of the edge. This give your pool a very modern look. This pool can require additional maintenance, but the lifestyle is worth the effort.
Beach entry: A beach entry, or zero entry pool, replaces a ladder or steps with a gradual sloping entry point. This feature is a great idea for easing the getting in and out of your pool for older swimmers, or those with disabilities. In addition, a beach entry makes it easy for sunbathers to partial submerge themselves to stay cool while tanning.

Add the element of fire to your space

Fire features look amazing and add a dramatic focal point to any pool project. Imagine gathering your friends together and enjoying these features on a chilly night.
Fire pit: Poolside fire pits are becoming a common trend in pool design. Whether you choose a more traditional wood-burning fire pit or prefer the convenience of a gas-fired pit, you can’t go wrong by adding this feature to your pool area.
Outdoor fireplace: Extend the season of your pool patio with an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace will allow you to continue to utilize your pool area well after the swimming season is over.

Really heat things up!

Don’t close your pool when the weather turns cooler. Extend your swimming season by adding a heating option to your pool.
Solar pool covers: Solar pool covers give you a number of benefits, such as keeping your pool free of debris, reducing chemical usage, keeping kids and pets from accidentally falling into your pool and increasing the water’s temperature. Quality solar covers can raise the water temperature of your pool up to 5 degrees without spending a cent on electricity.
Pool heaters: Installing a pool heater is the best option for cooler regions of the country. Attaching a gas or oil-fired heater to the filter system of your pool can keep the water warm enough for late autumn and early spring dips. A heated pool can truly create a year-long outdoor experience.

Have some fun, of course

Swimming is great exercise, but sometimes you may just want to relax. Consider these options for adding unique ways to have fun.
Hot tubs and spas: Spending time relaxing in a hot tub or spa is a fantastic way to end a tough day or spend time with friends. Spill-over and illusion spas are two features which will add more flexibility to your pool.
Sun shelf: Sometimes referred to as a Baja step, a sun shelf adds the flexibility to enjoy lounging in a few inches of water to stay cool on hot days. Sun shelves also give younger kids a safer place to play while enjoying the pool.
No matter which features you choose for your pool, you need a builder who has the experience necessary to do the job correctly and efficiently. Visit our gallery for creations we’ve built or contact us for more information.