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Outdoor Kitchen Design: How to Bring the Indoors Outside

Luxury homes have wide, expansive areas that can be adapted for multiple uses. As design trends continue to cater to lifestyles that welcome home entertaining, creating the perfect setting for your guests or for having relaxing weekends is key. Implementing a home design that will allow the indoors to filter outside onto your patio will help utilize every inch of space while adding a different feel and environment to your entertainment experience. Beautiful patio areas with outdoor kitchens can make the difference. One of the first things to determine is how your area will be utilized. Does the design have to integrate areas that are family friendly, or will it primarily be used for entertaining adults?
The design should start from the inside, flowing into the outdoor area. Once you and your guests step outside, the patio should be warm and welcoming, as an extension of home’s interior. There are a few components to consider:

Overall design

When deciding outdoor kitchen ideas, you must factor in the entire design. Will it be a combination of exposed and covered elements? How far away will the pool be? Do you need an outdoor fireplace? What about your furniture and electronics? Will plants and foliage be incorporated into the area? How much lighting do you need? These factors are important when choosing the design that will bring your vision to life.


The flooring on the patio area is important. Natural stone, concrete or tile are all great options for outdoor patios and outdoor kitchens. Natural stone is beautiful and durable, with the ability to stand up to inclement weather and look the same. Natural stone flooring also provides a unique and different look.


Finding the right pool builders to capture the essence of your design is essential to creating the perfect indoor/outdoor experience. You want a pool design that will complement your architecture while expanding on its natural environment for a beautiful outdoor space. Depending on how you will use this area, you may want a waterfall surrounded by palm trees, or something more exciting for family fun. Different design types are geometric, modern, natural, and ever-popular vanishing edge.

Outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has a number of elements that must be included to maintain a luxurious feel while being adaptable enough for any entertaining. These are major factors to consider when creating your outdoor kitchen:


When choosing a countertop, it’s best to consider the weather conditions in your region, and your cooking style to determine the type of counter you need and how it will be used. Planning the right amount of counter space needed to fulfill your needs is a high priority. Types of countertops that work well in outdoor kitchens are granite, concrete and tile.

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Ranges and grills

Your outdoor kitchen should have a full-sized grill and burner combination as a minimum. Depending on how much entertaining takes place, you may need a fully-equipped kitchen. Ovens should be gas or electric with a warming drawer. You may also want to have a separate side burner that is a stand-alone away from the grill. Depending on the proximity of the outdoor kitchen, a range hood keeps the area odor free.


When incorporating refrigeration into your outdoor kitchen area, you want a unit that is energy-efficient and high performance, but has enough space for your food and drinks. Choosing a separate refrigerator and freezer drawer combination may be a good choice. There are also options that accommodate outdoor wine chillers and beverage centers. Depending on your usage, both of these may suit your design needs.


If you have an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor sink and proper drainage is crucial to its operation. This is a convenient and necessary element that must be included. A stainless steel sink that is built to weather the elements will complete the aesthetic for your kitchen design.

Cabinetry and Storage

Assessing your storage needs is instrumental in your design. Choosing the right materials to complement your appliances, flooring and structural composition will not only add to the beauty of the space, but will have a multi-functional purpose.
All of these components work together to create beautiful luxury outdoor kitchens that help maximize the full potential of the outdoor space you have. Implementing luxurious outdoor kitchen ideas can be as simple or intricate as you like, depending on what type of entertaining you do.