Established in 1999

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Red Mountain Contemporary


Extreme Elevation Changes, Rock Sub-Grade Conditions, Maximize Views, Grade Retention Required


Pool, Spa, 9′ Retaining Walls, Fire Pit, Travertine Decking, Natural Stone Veneering, Travertine Facing, Artificial Turf, Sculpture

The Mesa Highlands area is well known to people who love to experience the outdoors.  The owner of this property approached us about this challenging project.  They were looking for a way to take advantage of the amazing city views that their property offered, create a space that was an extension of their home, and wanted to make sure they were able to include all of the components that would allow them to utilize the space in the ways the wanted.  The challenge was that the back yard was cut into the mountain and therefore set three to nine feet below grade.  We, alongside our clients, were able to design a yard utilizing abnormal spaces to create several different areas that meet their needs.  

The large wall in the background is a 9′ tall engineered retaining wall.  Inset windows are built into the wall to keep if from feeling too daunting.  The wall exposure is also diminished by raising the pool and a substantial amount of the decking three feet out of ground.  This was a helpful by minimizing the amount of rock that needed to be cut through to dig out the floor of the pool.  It was also helpful in creating functional areas that take full advantage of the amazing views.  A contemporary sculpture draws the eye off of the wall and creates a centralized focal point.  

The spa and fire pit are perfectly located to take advantage of the amazing views.  Glass walls allow the property to meet Mesa’s pool code without inhibiting any views.  

Raised planters against the large retaining wall soften the space.  A sence of rhythm is brought to the space by repeating like materials.  The black stone veneer and black tiles create a depth within the largely neutral space, while the artificial lawn softens the yard.  The use of color, corner plantings and varying textures take a very rigid, linear layout and make it comfortable and inviting.