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Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Fall

Sometimes, the easy way is the best way. Less is more, and low maintenance landscaping ideas are worth their weight in plaster. If you’re looking at new yard solutions, construction reworks or simpler options, check out our accessible, low-cost design tips.

Rework the Pathways with Gravel

Sometimes, new isn’t necessarily better. That said, overgrown pathways show their age. A series of natural steps can still seem lucrative and an affordable solution exists to remedy the ‘unkempt look’ problem. Unwanted grass, weeds, and dirt removed, your pathway will look a lot better. Trust us.
Really, all you need is gravel. Gravel keeps away unwanted growth. It also absorbs rainwater. Neat, clean lines are entirely obtainable when an orderly gravel line has been installed. If you’re worried about tying the place together, gravel the patio’s edges, too. It’ll conform the landscape, creating a transition between hardscape and softscape.

Try Cement Pads

While hardscape is incredibly useful and reduces dynamic maintenance, it can be downright expensive to install. We get it: It’s better to spend money maintaining a garden than to cover it in concrete. While entire hardscape projects can break your bank, individual cement pads, when installed correctly, are entirely conducive to a stress-free landscape.
Outdoor kitchens, decks, patios and walkways can all benefit from cement pad installation. In fact, cement pads have been favored among home decorators recently. Why? Because they’re cheap, they’re easily installed, and they’re versatile. Your traditional yard, at some point, will need hardscape. Cement pads can navigate budgeting waters without being tacky when installed correctly.

Install Irrigation Sensors

The word ‘technology’ makes homeowners cringe when money is considered. Irrigation sensors, while maintaining high upfront costs, can actually reduce spent money over time. They target a landscape’s needed moisture, automatically balancing water output with the day’s environment.
While traditional spray systems carry steady prices, they can severely increase one’s utility bill. Timed sprinkler systems engage, whether the homeowner approves or not. Irrigation sensors, however, develop strict routines around the softscape’s needs. Intelligent irrigation schedules similarly reduce flooding, removing the need for additional, irrigation-blocking hardscape.

Reorganize the Lawn

Eclectic landscapes are costly. Advanced hardscaping, separate projects, and advanced irrigation increase when harnessed by a separated lawn. Sometimes, sectioning off separate landscape areas is the best. Here, concrete patios, bricks, stones, and gravel work well to reduce overall maintenance. Be sure to utilize right angles to make future work clean and easy.
Each existing hardscape structure, like pergolas, mailboxes, and arbors, meanwhile can stay. Simply remove foliage around them, creating new boundaries to facilitate your area’s newest designs. Remember: Take care of these areas in particular. While they may seem small, they’re highly significant. Sectioning off areas heightens their visual allure. Be sure to create quality borders nearby, so as to not attract negative attention to the hardscaped areas.

Plant Native Plants

Native landscaping has become popular for a reason. Embrace it. Native plants require much less maintenance. Once they’re installed, their overall care needs are low. As they becomenative plants accustomed to your landscape’s climate, they practically take care of themselves. Avoid non-native flowers, and select native low-water plants.
Really, you’re prioritizing resource use. Native plants, at the end of the day, simply require less attention. While removing non-native plants for replacement procured is time consuming, your native landscape will pay off. You’ll spend less time fiddling with plant deaths, overgrowths, and border infringements.
In general, take advantage of your landscape’s natural shape. Too often, homeowners become obsessed with new additions, rather than new styles. You already have a lot to work with, so why not mold it a little? You’ll be surprised by how capable your sense of style can be.
If you decide that you need extra help, contact us at Blooming Desert and we’ll help you create your dream backyard into a reality.