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5 Luxurious Patio Flooring Concepts

How important is a first impression? When it comes to your home, especially for homeowners considering selling, the first impression is extremely important. For exterior design, the front-of-house is just as important as creating the perfect backyard oasis with outdoor kitchen and custom swimming pool. The home’s front yard design is what will make the first impression.
Michelle Snyder of the American Society of Interior Designers states, “It’s kind of about creating a unified space between inside and outside—so that you can’t tell so much where the one space ends and other begins.”
Even if you’re not in the market to impress potential buyers, why not wow visitors to your home with luxurious front yard landscaping ideas and patio flooring concepts that instantly add curb appeal.

Mosaic Tile Patterns

Add elegance and a unique focal feature to a front patio with beautiful mosaic tile. From whimsical spiral patterns to intricate geometric shapes, mosaic tile offers a stunning artistic look that will catch the eye of every guest entering the home. Work with a designer to create the perfect mosaic pattern to capture the essence of your home and you’ll have a bespoke element the neighbors will envy.

Porcelain Brick

Inspired by the traditional red brick that used to line streets, sidewalks and the walkways leading to homes, porcelain brick offer several benefits that masonry bricks do not. It’s resistant to frost (ideal for colder climates) and also resistant to stains, salt, chemicals and mildew. Porcelain brick is easy to clean and often can be rinsed off with a hose or pressure washer. It’s available in stylish colors to complement and enhance the home’s exterior materials and overall design concept. It’s a trending building material, being used both indoors and outdoors as a way to add a chic, urban feel to any home.

Custom Concrete

Custom concrete offers immense versatility when considering front yard landscaping ideas, especially as a luxury patio floor concept. The possibilities for creating an amazing front patio with custom concrete are numerous. Concrete can be textured to form intricate design patterns with swirls or scored to create linear patterns. It can be painted, stained or polished smooth for a gorgeously sleek look. Stamp patterns also are an option. Concrete artisans also can mold the material to resemble wood grain or to mimic certain stone qualities.

Large Format Tiles

Any tile with at least one edge that is larger than 15-inches is considered a large format tile. Typically, the shape and size of the space needing tile is a factor for determining what size large format tile will function and look best. A 17″ x 35″ tile forms a rectangular tile shape that may be beautiful for a patio that runs longer than it is wide, while a 24″ x 24″ tile creates a classic look ideal for a patio that transitions into a portico covered driveway area. Porcelain large format tile is durable, exceptionally hard, stain resistant and many varieties can be used for outdoor installations.

Repurposed Street Brick

Add a bit of history to a home with a patio crafted from authentic repurposed brick. Repurposed brick also may be called recycled street brick, recycled pavers or repurposed cobblestones. Regardless of their moniker, this unique patio flooring material creates a historical and charming look for a front patio and walkway. Look for a company that installs repurposed street brick or pavers as these differ from common building bricks. Street bricks are more durable and weigh almost twice as much as a building brick. Repurposed street bricks can be used for driveways as well.
Luxurious front yard landscaping ideas and unique patio flooring concepts are nearly limitless. Blooming Desert can offer insight on what will look and function best for your home.