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How to Incorporate a Unique Pool Design into Your Home

With the right landscaping, an above ground pool can be a luxurious oasis right in your own background.  No need to escape to the spa or take a vacation; simply walk out onto your deck and enjoy all the benefits and beauty of nature. The key to getting the most out of your above ground pool design is to go natural, custom and native right in your own backyard.

Go Natural

When you make the family decision to build a pool, consider how you will be using the space. Building a proper deck as part of your above ground pool landscaping plan can make your above ground pool look and feel like a much more expensive in-ground pool. Without a surrounding deck, an above ground pool is great for swimming but little else. A large deck creates space for your children and guests to gather, play and socialize poolside without having to spend every minute actually in the water. Keeping an eye on little ones is also easier from the vantage point provided by sitting above the water on a deck rather than across the yard on a patio.  When designing your deck, skip the prefabricated materials and go natural instead.
Wood has long been a popular choice for pool decking.  Durable and versatile, wood decking can be designed to work in harmony with the surrounding environment.  As a natural material, wood is eco-friendly and choosing a unique shade of stain can make your space feel more personalized. Designing and building a multi-level wood deck divides the space into smaller functional areas for visiting, cooking, and playing. Be sure to include a shade structure in your design to create a place to get out of the sun and rest, without having to leave the poolside.
Stone is another great choice for pool decking and landscaping.  Just like wood, stone is known for its natural appearance and its long-term value. Stone can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your landscaping.  Large, natural boulders as accent pieces in the landscaping provide a light colored focal point.  Chipped stone, in place of more traditional mulch, creates a light, airy backdrop against which your plants and wood decking will truly shine.  For a more colorful choice, go with polished stone in dark hues of brown, purple, pink, and gray.  When choosing stone for walkways or pool decking go with options like flagstone that remain cool to the touch, are available in a variety of colors, and have a non-slip surface which is best for little, wet feet.

Go Custom

To bring out the natural beauty of the Arizona landscape, forego materials that seem out of place in nature.  Structures that use straight lines of aluminum or plastic are at odds with the natural landscape.  Instead, go for a custom designed pool in an unusual shape or style. Infinity edges and water features are also possible which amp up the drama of your outdoor space.

Go Native

One complaint that homeowners frequently have with pools is the upkeep required. Xeriscaping sometimes misspelled zero-scaping, is landscaping that works with, rather than against, the native environment producing a stunning effect without much effort and upkeep. The Arizona desert lends itself well to low-moisture succulents, cacti, and grasses. These beautiful plants add texture, visual interest, and natural color to your above ground pool landscaping without adding maintenance and irrigation expense.  Strategic placement of plants, shrubs, and grasses can also hide parts of the pool, like pumps and filters, that you would rather not see.
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